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Fat Transfer

A common request from patients at Parkside Cosmetic Surgery, Adelaide is fat transfer to the breasts, following Liposculpture.  Fat can also be transferred to augment buttocks, the face, back of hands or even to correct defects such as scars.

Fat transfer to the breasts is an excellent procedure for women who wish for modest enhancement with their own tissue and have areas suitable for Liposculpture.

The technique of fat transfer began more than 100 years ago and has been improved over the years by various professionals such as cosmetic surgeons.  Liposuctioned fat is now mixed with the patient’s own platelets and injected behind, not into, the breasts.  Fat can be transferred at any age.  The injection hole is hidden in the underbreast fold, and once healed will hardly be noticeable.

Fat transfer is a safe effective method of breast enhancement which with Liposculpture is performed as a two-stage procedure.

fat transfer to breasts before
Fat Transfer to Breasts – Before

fat transfer to breasts after
Fat Transfer to Breasts – After

*All before & after photographs are of Parkside Cosmetic surgery patients. Photos have not been retouched or edited.