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Louise Holme joins the team

Parkside Cosmetic Surgery are pleased to announce that as of early October 2016 Louise has joined the Parkside Cosmetic team as our new cosmetic injector nurse.

Nurse Louise has had a career in Healthcare spanning over 30 years. During this time, she has specialised in critical care and cosmetic medicine. She has obtained many post-graduate qualifications and regularly participates in continuing professional development activities.

Louise has been a cosmetic injector since 2008 and is passionate about achieving natural looking results. With her eye for detail and in-depth knowledge she is sure to advise you on how you can look and feel your best today and for years to come.

taxpayer breast

TAXPAYERS are picking up the bill for faulty overseas boob jobs

TAXPAYERS are picking up the bill for faulty overseas boob jobs, with public hospitals spending hundreds of thousands of dollars treating complications from the surgery.

And a new study says it’s time governments introduced legislation requiring overseas cosmetic patients to have compulsory medical insurance to cover the cost of complications.

Researchers at the Gold Coast Hospital found it admitted 12 patients in 2012-13 who developed complications from cosmetic surgery in Thailand.

On average, these patients spent six days in hospital and one needed treatment costing over $33,000.

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traveling os inerstate

Travelling Interstate or Overseas for Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic Surgery is not always straightforward and problems can occur even in the most experienced hands.

If you have surgery interstate or overseas and have problems it is difficult or even impossible to have a discussion with your surgeon.


Dr Higgs has treated patients who had cosmetic surgery overseas with the following problems.


  • Dissatisfaction with size and symmetry.
  • Smaller than usual incisions putting silicone gel implants at risk of damage during insertion and subsequent rupture.
  • Implants removed have had only a marking of the size. All implants used in Australia are approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and have the manufacturer’s mark and Lot Number and size.


Dr Higgs has treated patients who have had cosmetic surgery interstate with the following problems.


  • Implants chosen the day before surgery were too small.
  • The surgery was not performed correctly resulting in asymmetry and pain requiring urgent revision surgery.

Dr Higgs is aware of a group interstate that uses doctors with only basic surgical training to perform breast augmentation surgery.

anti wrinkle

Why come to Parkside Cosmetic Surgery to have your cosmetic injectables?

We use the best quality products on the market and are on the forefront of  the latest anti-aging technologies, always ensuring our techniques and product information are stellar.

Our patients needs and wants, through comprehensive tailored consultation and assessment, are delivered with the best results for each individual patient.  Our Cosmetic Nurse, Nurse Louise’s continued investment in her patients means she reviews all treatments with a follow up appointment post treatment.

Although in today’s market cheaper options are available, our main goal is to achieve the best results with superior products.  Here at Parkside Cosmetic Surgery we only use the highest quality of injectables available world wide today. Tried and tested, our products ensure the longevity and consistent results for every patient.

Parkside Cosmetic Surgery is a fully accredited Day Surgery, ensuring our standards and responsibilities to our patients are continuously monitored to achieve the best possible results.


achs 2

We are a fully accredited Day Surgery.

What does this mean?

Accreditation is public recognition by ACHS of the achievement of standards by a health care organisation. Parkside Cosmetic Surgery achieving full accreditation of a day surgery through external  assessment of our organisation.

Striving for best practice 

  • Discovering new techniques and technologies, and using them to achieve world-class performance
  • Learning from others to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of processes
  • Improving consumer / patient satisfaction and outcomes.

Continuous improvement 

  • Looking for ways to improve as an essential of everyday practice
  • Consistently achieving and maintaining quality care that meets consumer / patient needs
  • Monitoring outcomes in consumer / patient care and seeking opportunities to improve both the care and its results.

Evidence of outcomes 

  • Providing critical data and information about key processes, outputs and results
  • Reflecting those factors that lead to improved health and/or quality of life for consumers / patients or to better operational performance.


Bank SA Business of the Month

Parkside Cosmetic Surgery is pleased to announce we were Bank SA’s Business of the Month for July 2012.

We specialise in:

  • Breast Implants
  • Breast Lifts
  • Liposuction / Liposculpture
  • Facial Rejuvenation


A Special App for you, from Parkside Cosmetic Surgery

Parkside Cosmetic Surgery is excited to announce the launch of the new App, “Natural Look: beautiful at any age”. The Natural Look App is a free App that helps you discover the possibilities to look your best. The App includes loads of fantastic education on what happens as we age, some helpful tips and advice and comprehensive information on all kinds of facial rejuvenation options.

Plus – there is a great game ‘Older? Younger?’ where you can see photos of women of all ages and guess who’s younger. Learn and have fun – even challenge your friends via Facebook to play the game.

Download for Free today from iTunes App Store and use password parksidecosmeticsurgery.

We’d love you to download the Natural Look App and come in for a free consultation to discuss your individual facial rejuvenation possiblities.